What We Do

Product Shelf Management

Get specific advice on your product shelf, what to keep, remove or add to your shelf with a documented process.

  • Review and perform due diligence on your product shelf

  • Support acquisitions and review overlaps

  • Identify issues or concerns and bring recommendations to product and risk committees

  • Compare your current products to industry products, making replacement recommendation where appropriate

  • Ensure your product shelf is compliant, best in class, and ready for today’s market environment

  • Ensure Best Interest Advice can be provided through the best product shelf

  • Actively manage onboarding and removing products to align with today’s environment, your Advisor expertise, and client needs…supporting increasing revenue

  • Add products that are expected to fill a gap, grow revenue, and provide better advice, minimizing overlap and product cannabilization

  • Prepare material for product committee and provide real time answers to questions, shortening decision time

  • Provide insights on the industry regarding new products, sales trends, risk points


Carrier and Product level research for your product shelf. Gain scale from our research used across the industry (a must in a Reg BI environment).

  • Review your current product shelf to ensure appropriateness by monitoring track record, tenure, complexity, and assigning risk parameters to the product

  • Provide quarterly due diligence update reports that, when married with sales reports, provide a true picture to grow your business and mitigate risks

  • Perform annual deep dive due diligence reviews

  • Provide always on due diligence monitoring of product changes, industry changes, client changes, and provider changes

  • Support your product committee with periodic reviews, documentation, & expertise, helping you get to the right answers in an efficient manner

Compliance Tools

ERISA Rollovers (DOL PTE 2020-02) and Reasonable Available Alternatives (Reg BI’s Care Obligation).

ERISA Rollovers
  • Collect the rollover plan expenses

  • Determine the destination portfolio

  • Document the reasoning for the rollover

  • Produce documented output for scanning into your current process

Reasonable Available Alternatives

  • Allow Financial Professional to select reasonable available products (provide choice and empowerment and decentralized risk)

  • Or enable system to provide reasonable available products (provide systemic controlled solution with centralized risk)

  • Look across product categories, because reasonable doesn't always mean in the same product type

  • Document your rationale for the selection

  • Produce output that can be stored in your existing repositories

  • We don't capture duplicate information, such as risk tolerance, which can only get you in trouble

Research Portal

See your product shelf in one place, with easy access to research, support your Reg BI needs:

Home office: See where your product gaps are, fulfill your product research obligations. Maintain your due diligence, committee minutes, product decisions in one place.

Financial Professional and Supervision: See your product shelf in one place, easy access to research, client view of products and a comparison tool.  Or just solve the Reasonable Available Alternatives in a few clicks.

  • DDW's product library allows you to compare and contrast your products categorized based by client benefit or need

  • You can toggle between My Products and All Products, ensuring you always know the current market at your finger tips

  • Quick access to Due Diligence Reports and Advisor 4 Box Reports

  • Home office - See where your products gaps are, fulfill your product research obligations. Maintain your due diligence, committee minutes, product decisions in one place

  • Financial Professional - see your product shelf in one place, easy access to research, support your Reg BI requirements through access to product information, compare tool, alternative products sets, clients needs grid, 4 box reports

Our Deliverables

Comparison Tool

Comparison Tool

Client Portal Video

Client Portal Video

Who Uses Our Services

Product Management

Product research reports at your fingertips. Industry insights. Benchmark your products vs the industry. Document your due diligence requirements.
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Supervision / Compliance

Documented process to maintain the best products on your shelf. Tools to support supervisory reviews.
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Financial Professionals

See your product shelf in one place. Look for products from a client point of view. Compare products. Demonstrate review of Reasonably Available Alternatives.
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C-Level Management

See the forest for the trees in your product area. Understand what your FPs are seeing. Protect and grow your firm.
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Investment and Insurance Products

We cover them all. You would expect your Financial Professional to look across products before selecting the best choice for a client. You should expect the same from your due diligence firm.

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  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Managed Money
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Structured Products
  • Alternative Investments

Our Process

DDW's due diligence process is tailored to each firm's needs and strategic direction. Quantitative and Qualitative criteria are used in determining which products are right for your product platform.


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