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We provide in-depth due diligence on the entire industry of products.  Why do we do this?  The regulators expect it. If you are not sure you have the best products on your shelf and can prove it, then it is impossible for your advisors to give “best interest advice.” 


We cover them all. Variable, Index, Fixed, SPIA, DIA, if it has annuity in its name, we cover it. We also review your product shelf to see how your products overlap, or where you may have gaps. No two annuities are the same, we lead with a qualitative review and turn that into quantifiable metrics that can be compared to meet your firm’s needs.

Life Insurance

We find firms often struggle with Life Insurance. It just doesn’t get the attention of other products with larger revenue bases. You can leverage our scale and industry- leading best practices from a truly independent perspective. We cover Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Index Universal Life, and more.

Mutual Funds / ETFs

We started with the 35,000 plus funds out there in the universe. We review the strategy and then the product. Why do we do this? Clients don’t buy strategies, they buy products. Product structure and share class matters. If you have read the news lately, the regulators agree. We look at each product, and also at each fund family ensuring you have the right mix to support exchanges and rights of accumulation. We take the data (and there is a lot) and turn it into information and recommendations to support your new sales and your existing book of business.

Investment Advisory

We help firms determine the lineup of strategies and products. Whether it is an FSP, UMA, Mutual Fund Wrap, ETF Wrap, or SMA. We provide a documented process and recommendation of which line up is best fir for you. Our process is adaptable to your firm, we don’t dictate what stays and what goes, but we work with your unique needs to tailor solutions that fit your firm, your advisors, and your strategy the best.


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