Product Shelf Set-Up

  • Review and perform due diligence on your product shelf
  • Support acquisitions and review overlaps
  • Identify issues or concerns and bring recommendations to product and risk committees
  • Compare your current products to industry products, making replacement recommendation where appropriate
  • Identify gaps in your offering and recommend new products to fill gaps
  • Ensure your product shelf is compliant, best in class, and ready for today’s market environment
  • This is done by each product line

Proactive Due Diligence

  • Review your current product shelf to ensure appropriateness by monitoring track record, tenure, complexity, and assigning risk parameters to the product
  • Provide quarterly due diligence update reports that, when married with sales reports, provide a true picture to grow your business and mitigate risks
  • Perform annual deep dive due diligence reviews
  • Provide Always on due diligence monitoring of product changes, industry changes, client changes, and provider changes
  • Support your product committee with periodic reviews, documentation and expertise, helping you get to the right answers in an efficient manner

Do You Have a Large Product Shelf?

  • No Problem, we review them all. You can get a competitive edge when recruiting new advisors. With DDW, you don't have to shrink your platform due to capacity constraints.