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Welcome to Our Blog: Best Interest

FTX: A failure of due diligence

What happened to FTX, and more importantly, what should we think about going forward?

William Golias joins DDW

DDW is expanding again. We are fortunate to continue hiring great people who love due diligence and...

DDW Annual Conference 2021

Thank you to the over 90 industry leaders who came together to share some great perspectives at the...

DDW Turns 5 Years Old

Thank you for 5 incredible years.  Looking forward to many more.

DDW Client Portal Conversion reaches 100%

Congratulations to the DDW Tech Team on converting 100% of our clients to our new and improved...

Annuity 2021 Landscape

Off Shoring, Corporate Restructuring, Income, Complexity

Is Life Insurance a Priority Again?

As we approach the later stages of one of the longest bull markets, protection is back on. What has...

Best Interest Analysis - Annuity & Carrier

After many years of research, we are ready to unveil our DDW Annuity Carrier and Product Scorecard...