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Here’s What Rising Rates Mean to Jeffrey “Bond King” Gundlach 

Renowned investor Jeffrey Gundlach, popularly known as the "Bond King" (Bill Gross isn’t the only one to have earned this title) and CEO of Doubleline Capital, recently shared his macro views during a talk attended by DDW. Overall, he was bearish on the outlook for the economy, predicting a recession and trouble ahead for markets. 

Below are key insights from Gundlach that provide valuable guidance for navigating the evolving investment landscape. 

Takeaway #1. Rising Rates Might Not Lead to Lower Home Prices (but May Lead to More Bond Defaults) 

• In a rising rate environment, Gundlach highlights two significant changes in investment behaviors: 

  • High Yield Bonds: Refinancing becomes difficult because higher rates affect the ability to refinance and this could lead to increased defaults. 

  • Housing Market: Contrary to expectations, higher rates do not necessarily lead to reduced prices as they restrict housing supply because homeowners prefer to hold on to current low-rate mortgages.

Takeaway #2. Credit Concerns 

  • Issuance in the High Yield market has been extremely low this year, Gundlach wonders if it is the canary in the coal mine. 

  • He has observed credit standards tightening, which tends to lead to increased default rates in a year. 

Takeaway #3. Equity Market and Outlook 

  • He believes the current market sentiment feels frothy and compared it to a sugar high. He referenced NVDA as an example of this sentiment. 

  • He thinks there is a good chance that the stock market will be lower in three years. 

Takeaway #4. Currencies, Commodities, and Emerging Markets 

  • Gundlach is very bearish on the dollar, predicting that the dollar index will hit an all-time low, dropping to 70 from its current level of about 104. 

  • He favors emerging markets, excluding China, as he views China as a "heads you win, tails I lose" scenario. 

  • Gold is the only commodity on his radar, as he believes “owning commodities going into a recession does not make sense.” 

Takeaway #5. Upgrade in Quality 

  • When asked how he is currently investing, he answered he is systematically upgrading in quality when there is liquidity in the market. He says he has more exposure to government bonds than ever before. 



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